our mission

Here's to togetherness:


The UAE-IL tech zone is the first of its kind: an exclusive and primary platform and community that bridges technological, entrepreneurial, business, venture capital, and government collaborations between the UAE and Israel. 

We seek to become the “go to” for all regional entrepreneurship and business activity between Israel and the UAE, and soon, the wider GCC, to foster more in-depth personal and professional relationships and to continue building a stronger region through tech.  


Guided by authenticity and trust, the UAE-IL tech zone's values of diversity, inclusion, and mutualism always lead. 

Whether it’s building relationships, creating connections, or helping grow business ventures, our team and community are the experts you didn't know you needed. 

The founding team:
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The Advisory Board:

CEO at Start-Up

Nation Central


Founder & CEO

Annex Investments


CEO at Dawsat and

Managing Director, Blue Laurel