About our mission

We are building a hub that joins both Israeli and UAE tech ecosystems, where we aim to become the official formation for business queries in an effort to create a stronger region through technology.

We are a diverse team of well-connected leaders within the global startup space, located in one of the world's leading tech centers.


UAE-IL tech zone designs and builds valuable and exclusive connections between hybrid ecosystems focusing on technology-related ventures. Whether it’s building relationships, connections, or creating business ventures we always lead with our values which includes but not limited to, diversity, inclusion, and mutualism.

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The founding team:
Noa Gastfreund
Hybrid Headshots _2404.JPG
Basil Farraj
Guy Katsovich
The Advisory Board:
Prof. Eugene Kandel
Ahmed Nasser Alnowais
Omar Hassan
Tally Zingher

CEO at Start-Up

Nation Central

Founder & CEO

Annex Investments

Managing Partner at
MENA Tech Fund

CEO at Dawsat and

Managing Director, Blue Laurel